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​Formative Assessment 1: Objects are made of one or more materials. Task: Materials Packet Formative Assessment 2: The materials and structure of an object determine its purpose. Task: Toy Investigation (Research & ICT-Digital Design) Formative Assessment 3: Humans make choices related to their use of objects and materialsTask: Mixed Media Work: 
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Provocation / Engage – students are engaged with a challenging situation, prior knowledge is activated, questions are provoked 2A and 2B came together for the provocation of our new inquiry theme: How We Organize Ourselves. We created an experience for the students to think deeply 
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Learning happens when children are engaged.Learning happens when children have adaptable spaces.Learning happens when their ideas are valued.Learning happens when they have time to discuss and reflect.Learning  happens when they can use all their senses. Imagine yourself, as a Grade 4 student.  Many of us 
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Since the first day of school, students have taken part in our Daily 5 program. The five components are: Read to Self, Read to Someone, Listen to Reading, Word Work and Work on Writing. Within our literacy block, students take part in 3 of these tasks 
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This week in our music room, JK students explored the element of the form in music through a Reggio-inspired activity that focuses on the process of Responding. I played the composition “Sunrise” from the Grand Canyon Suite by Ferde Grofe. The children quietly listened to the music and drew the “story” 
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Our Grade 4 class settles into the routines and expectations of Grade 4, we begin our IB journal through the lens of the International Baccalaureate (IB) Learner Profile: INQUIRERKNOWLEDGEABLETHINKERPRINCIPLEDOPEN-MINDEDCARINGRISK-TAKERBALANCEDREFLECTIVE ​What these attributes provide us with is a language and mindset for ways of thinking about ourselves and the 
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