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Co-Curricular Programs

Students in JK to Grade 8 have the opportunity to participate in robust co-curricular programs, focused on nurturing and development of the whole child. Meaningful participation helps our students improve their life balance, take risks, have fun, and grow socially and personally. Programs run for 6–8 weeks and are offered after school, usually from 4:00pm to 5:00pm or at lunch recess, once per week.

Different programs are offered between Fall, Winter and Spring. Below are some examples of some of our past and current co-curricular programs.

Art Club
The main objective of the art club is for students to have fun creating artwork while developing skills using open-ended materials. They will have an opportunity to create artwork of their choice and posters for special purposes, such as for the Rights of the Child Initiative. The children will also learn to plan, create, and design larger pieces of artwork collaboratively for school events and celebrations. (Grades 1 – 8)

Engineering of Travel
Students learn how engineers play an important role in helping people to travel around the world by making the roads, bridges (Civil engineering) or building flying machines (Aerospace engineering) such as rockets, kites, parachutes and more! (JK – Grade 1)

Reading Rockets
Reading Rockets supports students to become more competent and independent readers.  Students participate in different literacy activities to promote reading skills. (Grades 1 – 2)

Lego Club
Our Lego club will be engaging the children in how to problem solve, collaborate, and use their mathematical minds and creative thinking to meet a series of building tasks.  There will be no Lego instructions to follow; rather the children will work out how to meet a series of STEAM challenges with their friends.  (JK – Grade 1)

Yoga Club
This club is for students who would like to unwind and find their inner calm on a Monday afternoon. There will be a 30-minute Yoga session, followed by mindful colouring of mandalas. (Grades 1 – 3)

Young Inventors
Students learn new skills as they design, make and build projects, solve design challenges and work as a team.  Skills and technology include 3D printing, hand tools, and electronics.  Students will bring home many of their creations. (Grades 1 – 3)

Kids will learn how to cook and bake recipes from around the world with the use of different exotic spices and ingredients while learning basic kitchen skills. Our experienced instructor will teach your child how to make delicious and nutritious dishes that they will be begging to recreate at home! (JK – Grade 8)

Gymnastics Club
Our exciting gymnastics program is designed for students to learn and perfect gymnastics skills. During the program, students engage in the fundamental movements of jumping, turning, balancing, floor exercises, posture, and balance. Our 5 Star Development System, which includes a step-by-step system with a full map of skills, is designed to help students understand exactly what skills they need to learn while being motivated to achieve the next level. (JK – Grade 4)

ECO Club
Students to build on our commitment to make Richland Academy a place of environmental leadership and innovation.   Together we will continue to build on the initiatives of the past, including planting our gardens as well as establishing a community that is environmentally conscious and aware. (Grades 3 – 8)

Richland Student Ambassadors
Richland Ambassadors are role models for all students, volunteering their time and efforts in order to take on the responsibility of leading their fellow classmates in becoming productive and positive members of their community.  Richland Academy Ambassadors initiate and implement ideas which support the Rights Respecting School and Peaceful Schools International, as well as school wide initiatives.  Ambassadors are also responsible for assisting Faculty and Administration with various school events throughout the school year.  (Grades 4 – 8)


The objective of this program is to Introduce the game of chess as a sport of the mind – while teaching social aspects of good sportsmanship and learning from defeat. Children of all ages can grow to understand the intricacies of this beautiful game while helping one another learn in a team environment. Chess is a strategic game, and among other things, it promotes critical thinking, problem solving and patience. (JK – Grade 7)

Dance Club
The Dance Club will help children explore the fundamental skills and progressions of contemporary dances of hip-hop and jazz. The main aspects of each dance are covered. Fun choreographed dances are done with a performance at the end of sessions!  (JK – Grade 4)

Let’s Make Toys- Mechanical Engineering Club
Our young engineers will be introduced to the fundamental concepts of energy, materials and movement. They will explore and construct different toys such as spinners, poppers, roller coasters, etc. using the fundamental laws of physics. (JK – Grade 3)

Maker Program
Students are exposed to and learn about digital fabrication, electronics, and 3D printing as they design, build and code their own 3D printed robot called Otto. Projects will involve 3D design and printing, wiring an arduino controller board and working with various tools and materials. The robot can be programmed to walk, perform dance moves, avoid obstacles etc. Students will keep their robot and the computer controller which can also be repurposed for other electronics projects. (Grades 6 – 8)

Fencing promotes individual initiative, discipline, social skills, sportsmanship, strategic thinking and is a well-rounded form of mental and physical exercise that essential for overall well-being. Learn the basic of fencing with the proper warm-up, safety measures, a glimpse of the theory, and enjoy fencing with your friends. (Grades 3 – 8)

Bucket Drumming
Discover the secret drummer deep inside that beats out the rhythm of life. Let this drummer explode into the outside world and connect with rhythms using the simplest of all percussion instruments- the bucket! (Grades 4 – 8)

Join one of the many Richland Academy Athletic teams. Teams train on Tuesdays and Thursdays in sports such as basketball, indoor and outdoor soccer, track and field, volleyball and badminton. (Grades 3 – 8).

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