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How We Organize Ourselves

Provocation / Engage – students are engaged with a challenging situation, prior knowledge is activated, questions are provoked

2A and 2B came together for the provocation of our new inquiry theme: How We Organize Ourselves. We created an experience for the students to think deeply about the importance of patterns and cycles in our lives.

At the beginning of the day on Friday, November 4th, we changed the daily schedule, to begin with, dismissal and changed the date to Saturday, December 24th. We informed the students that it was time to pack up for home and that tonight would be Christmas Eve. They all had some strong reactions and insightful reflections. Please see the dialogue that followed!

Arman: I almost had a heart attack!
Gwen: How is that possible?
Lucas: I can’t go home, I have to go to chess club after school.
Spencer: Every few years there is a change in the international timeline, that must be why. 
Lucas: How are we at the end of the year? I feel weird about skipping time. 
Olivia: Giggle the elf isn’t here yet, so it can’t be Christmas, I’m confused. 
Arman: I’m confused and happy that I get to go home.
Scarlett: I feel like fainting, my elf didn’t even come yet!
Kayden: It’s not snowing yet, how can it be December?
Quentin: I won’t have my birthday, it’s passed. 
Kayden: It might have to do with the thunderstorms. 
Weber: Is it actually time to go home?
Charlotte: Why are there still leaves on the trees? Why aren’t the classrooms decorated?
Olivia: Is it winter break already?
Arman: Maybe Kayden wished for this for his birthday!
Ying: You tricked us!

After we broke the news that this was a learning experience for our new inquiry: we asked why they thought we did this. Also, we asked why patterns are important?

Charlotte: Is it because you wanted to see how we reacted or get our Christmas spirit up?
Arman: Patterns help us learn and we use them.
Charlotte and Olivia: We need patterns that help us know what comes next.
Lucas: If patterns weren’t a thing there wouldn’t be night/ day or seasons. 
Helena: If there weren’t patterns there wouldn’t be life cycles and no one would be born. 
Ryan: If there were no patterns there would be no art or beauty. 
Gwen: If there were no patterns everything would be the same. 
Lucas: If there were no patterns our lungs or hearts wouldn’t work and we wouldn’t survive. 

This provocation was incredibly valuable as it helped the Grade Twos see how important patterns/cycles are in our everyday lives. It showed them we depend on them to help us predict and plan! Way to go, Grade Twos, for being such reflective thinkers!

Ms. Revesz: Time to go home Grade Twos, moms and dads are waiting!

Moving our learning forward, students have begun investigating patterns in our lives. From animal patterns, to seasonal cycles, to number patterns and repeating patterns, we are exploring the central idea: Systems build on cycles and patterns. Take a look at our brainstorm below of our initial thoughts in relation to the central idea. 

During math, as well as morning work, students are creating patterns using shapes and blocks. They are also exploring patterns in nature by using magnifying glasses to closely examine patterns on leaves and other natural materials such as shells and pine cones. 

Hands-on experiences support students to make important connections between the central idea,  lines of inquiry, and their lives! During our nature walk to the Saigeon Trail, students had a chance to document the patterns they see, using iPads. It was great to see them as knowledgeable researchers, working together to find patterns!

Finally, a big shout out to James, who traveled to another country and looked for patterns while he was there. We loved having you share your findings with us!

-Class Grade 2A (2022-2023)

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