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In the Atelier

Fall Leaves by JK

COVID-19 by Grade 5-8

Black Lives Matter Conflict by Grade 5/6

COVID-19 Self Portrait in a unique way by Grade 7/8

Birds by SK

A celebration of life as SK looks at birds and their sweet songs of spring

Catch Your Dreams by JK & SK

Saving Energy by Caitlin C.

Stepping Out by Emma R.

“I would like to see my family and my cousins. Usually, every year my cousins and I go outside and make chalk drawings on the sidewalk. I would also like to go on a road trip to Niagara Falls.”

Community involvement by Grade 7&8

They have embarked on creating artwork for a local community organization – 360Kids

Sensory Mandalas by JK2

Students worked together creating a pattern, sniffing the materials and experiencing new aromas, deconstructing the materials, and finally creating a beautiful mandala.