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These documentation panels are important elements which make students’ learning visible. They are to be displayed in our school to show the rest of our community the thinking and learning process in the classroom.

Grade 2B – Giving Thanks

The energy, enthusiasm and experiences that your child brings to our classroom creates a culture of thinkers, risk-takers and reflective learners.

Through our inquiry into WHO WE ARE, we have been learning about humans whose contributions have created CHANGE. Many of these people came from a place of hardship, poor living condition and unfair laws. They noticed this and wanted change not only for themselves, but for their people. This was an important concept for 2B to understand. Through PERSPECTIVE, we are looking at the world from a different view.

Stories about Rosa Parks, Gandhi, Malala, Terry Fox and countless other COURAGEOUS PEOPLE. All these people, from different points of time, showed similar traits or attributes. Learners in 2B have created these attributes using paint, pencils, crayons to display on our wall, for us to refer to. 

Students were given the opportunity to REFLECT on what they are thankful for. After listening to the story, The Gratitude Jar, learners shared what they are thankful for…

Grade 1A

The students have been learning about energy saving and they wanted to teach others in our school about this. On their own they planned this project board to display in the piazza for other students to see and learn from. We had it displayed all of last week. The students had a blast creating this!


We honour student voice in different ways. After noticing that students were interested in creating a ‘city’ using materials such as wooden blocks and magnatiles, they wanted to represent their creation. Students were encouraged to show their thinking in different ways. “I know, I can draw the city,” MH shared. “I like painting, so I think I will paint the city,” SC added. Educators and students worked together to create a ‘city wall’. As a living document, it changes and transforms, to reflect the knowledge that is actively constructed in our classroom.