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After Richland

“I am the father of a proud alumnus of Richland Academy (David Cohn, 2003 – 2009). David graduated last week from McGill University.

David has a passion for mathematics, science and learning in general, which was nurtured and developed by Marlina Oliveira. We are forever grateful to her for her devotion to the school and for the very significant contributions which she made to David’s early education.

We would like to honour both her and David. Thank you so much Richland Academy!”

David’s father

“We are gladly writing to let you know that my son has been accepted to join Upper Canada College in the coming September.

We are delighted to see that Richland Academy has a very good setting to enable students to be the best of themselves and thrive to serve the society at their best capacities. Over the past couple of years, we have been seeing great improvement and steady growth with the help of school teachers and classmates especially the middle years program, which helped him a lot for the transition to high school IB program. Although his vision for the future might further evolve, we believe that he will continue to be a determined, focused and resilient IB student.

Thank you so much for helping my son in the last two years! We believe that with your lead, Richland Academy will continue to be the best private school in Richmond Hill and someday be the best school in Canada!”

Grade 8 M.L.’s family

​I’m currently second year at Queen’s University and I’m in an Applied Economics degree with a Drama minor. I made some of my best friends at Richland, some of which I’m still friends with today.  My best memories of Richland were definitely doing the school musical, it encouraged me to pursue theatre in high school and in university. I loved going to school at Richland, and would LOVE to turn back time and do it all again. Miss you all.”
A.S. (Alumni Student) 

Richland students are deeper thinking, confident, and world ready.

The lifelong benefits of a Reggio-inspired IB driven education from the early years become evident as our students go on to make significant contributions at their future schools. They are creative thinkers, capable leaders, active citizens of their community, both locally and globally.

The majority of our graduates continue their education at private schools in the area, including Holy Trinity School in Richmond Hill, and Country Day School in King City.  In saying that, our graduates enjoy a 100% acceptance at the post-elementary schools of their choice, regardless of location, including:

  • Country Day School
  • De LaSalle School
  • Holy Trinity School
  • Pickering College
  • St. Michael’s College School
  • St. Thomas of Villanova College School
  • St. Andrew’s College
  • Upper Canada College

Furthermore, with a strong IB foundation our students are also able to confidently apply to the many York Region High Schools offering the IB program.