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Grade 4’s writing about the meaning of home. (2021-2022 class)

Grade 5 – Callie & Sophie (Oct 22,2020)

​In our blog post, we would like to share the following with you:

  • Our Shad Interview
  • Our quote of the week and the Green party

                                                     Our Interview with Shad

During the interview everyone was really excited to meet Shad. People kept on jumping around when he joined the meeting. We were just so happy. We talked about social justice and we asked him questions about social justice and what racism means to him these were some of the questions about social justice:
What does social justice mean to you? – Yasmina
What can young people do to take action and raise awareness about social justice? – Nathaniel
We also asked questions about his rapping and his history through rapping. Who inspired him? Does he like to rap, Is it hard to rap,etc?

It was an exciting opportunity to have Shad come and talk about social justice!

                                         Our Quote of the Week & The Green Party

We also learned about the Green Party. The Green Party is a party that cares a lot about the Earth. They care a lot about the planet and to save the world.  We learned about Annamie Paul and Kate O’Connor. Annamie Paul is the first black woman to be a leader of the Green Party.  Kate O’ Connor is 18 years old and she is planning to be the provincial Green Party Leader of British Columbia. Kate and Annamie both believe in climate actions and also human rights to all people.

Grade 7 – Jalen & Edward (Oct 2,2020)

Black Lives Matter is a protest that’s demanding change in the world. It is also about police brutality and racial injustice. There were some riots that happened. They were focused on stores, where people raided the stores to steal things from them. It first happened because of the death of George Floyd, a black man that was killed by police by asphyxiation, where one of the officers pushed him to the ground with his knee, crushing his windpipe. The slogan of Black Lives Matter, I Can’t Breathe, was based on that. The police brutality was also focused on another victim, a man named Jacob Blake, another black man that was not killed, but paralyzed from the waist down because of police brutality. He was shot 7 times in the back by police while he was going to his car. Black Lives Matter are not just a riot. It is about black anti-racism. The Back Lives Matter organization wants to encourage anti-racism and have an end to world-wide racism.

It is also important to talk about what happens during these protests. It would be nice if people would protest about Black Lives Matter but at this point people are just mad and furious that a policeman killed a black person. In this Black Lives Matter protest lots of things happen such as, not wearing a mask while protesting, the COVID cases are going up because of these protests, people are getting hurt, towns and cities are getting destroyed, etc. A couple of weeks later or maybe a month later another black person got shot seven times by a policeman. After this tragic moment the NBA decided to do a protest and not play any games for a day. I think the NBA was trying to send a message about how important this situation is. This is one of many cases of police brutality and racial discrimination, and we have to do something about it.

Grade 5 – Joshua and Ali (Mar 6,2020)

The grade five class had an exciting week and we are going to share about our inquiry assignment creating a lap book. It was hands on and really fun.

The assignment is to make a lap book to show our understanding of simple machines.
This is what we have learned so far: We have learned about the six types of simple machines: pulleys, wedges, screws, lever, wheel and axle and the inclined plane. Our progress on the lap book has been pretty good. We have finished the majority of the lap book this includes the title page, definitions of the six simple machines and some crafts to show our understanding. We have worked super hard.

Grade 5 – Samuel and Roham (Mar 13,2020)

SPIRIT WEEK was awesome and it made us excited for the week! Spirit week is the last week before March break, every day there is some sort of theme. It’s a special week to promote more school spirit.

Monday was PJ day. We saw people wearing onesies, sleep masks and more. Everyone looked like they were going to fall asleep in some sort of way. ​Unfortunately we didn’t get any photos. We were having too much fun.

Tuesday was twin or role model day. We couldn’t tell who was who, because there were almost no difference between some people.

Wednesday was crazy day. There were crazy costumes. Some people were wearing clown costumes, underwear on their head, rainbow colored hair and all sorts of props. We also had the talent show with a variety of talent. There was a variety of acts singers, pianists, Dancers, and more.

Thursday was jersey day, people were wearing Raptor jerseys, Blue Jay jerseys, and Leaf jerseys, there was so much team spirit. GO JAYS.

Friday was house games. House games are always fun! We love running around competing with one another. Spirit week is always entertaining too. Its a great way to relax, have fun and boost the school spirit before march break.

Grade 7&8 – Billy and Edward (Feb 21,2020)

On February 6th, we went to the Centre for the Performing Arts for the Gregg LeRock concert. Our school and around three others were there. We watched Gregg and DJ Daveed play some of their most popular songs. Their songs were “La Pizza”, “Terry Fox”, ”Montrez-moi Vos Mains”, “Au Canada”, ”Sous Son Sombrero”, and much more. We were amazed by his talent with the electric guitar. We got to see Gregg and DJ Daveed and also got to come up on the stage with them. Gregg came down and chose some people to come up to the stage with him. They went up and just started dancing. We cheered him on like his fans. Also, during “Au Canada ”, he got the French teachers, including Madame Thompson, to come up and hold the Canadian flag. He also made them hold different types of instruments and play them. They used instruments like cowbells and triangles. Lots of kids in the back had glow sticks, which they waved in the air. There was even this one girl that Gregg showed how to strum his electric guitar, and Gregg gave her a signed Gregg LeRock album. We danced and sang along with Gregg, and it was very fun and exciting. We had a wonderful time at the concert.

Grade 7&8 – Talis and Andrea (Jan 31,2020)

This month we have done many new Interesting things. Although, we specifically wanted to talk about one thing that happened this month that we all enjoyed. This month, we interviewed an entrepreneur named Rick Kojfman. He is an entrepreneur and owns or has shares in many successful companies. He taught us the important values of being a successful entrepreneur. Some of these values include leadership, creativity, persuasion, and many more. He also explained to us his life story and how he became successful in the trials and errors that it took him to get where he is today. He was a great example of what a good entrepreneur should be like and we want to thank him for taking his time to come in and teach us. We feel that this is one of our major highlights of the month.

Grade 7&8 – Lily Mei and Maja (Oct 24,2019)

The grade ⅞ class took over our school’s Instagram account. An Instagram takeover is a process of taking over someone’s Instagram account story. We started in the morning during Math. Lily Mei and Talis showed and explained what we were working on in Math. Second period during French, Sandy and Sara explained that we are learning how to write countries, and cities in French. During Performing Arts, Mr. Cheung took a video of us playing our instruments. After lunch, we had gym, and Kyle showed us doing our fitness activities. Lastly, for Inquiry, Louis showed us working on our formative assessment for our MYP unit – Confederation.