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What does a balanced literacy program look like?

Since the first day of school, students have taken part in our Daily 5 program. The five components are: Read to Self, Read to Someone, Listen to Reading, Word Work and Work on Writing.

Within our literacy block, students take part in 3 of these tasks each day. 

When we ‘Read to Someone’ students find a quiet spot, take turns reading and listening to their peers. They check for understanding by asking questions, and make predictions. 

‘The “Word Work” component of the Daily 5 focuses on spelling and vocabulary by creating a print-rich environment and offering learning manipulatives for students to experiment and develop an interest in language.

Student voice: Reflecting on the Daily 5

  • Daily 5 helps us wake up our brain. We are very sleepy when we come to class and this is a good way to start the day
  • Helps me to become a better reader
  • I think Daily 5 helps me to learn new words and helps me show my expression. I learn not to be shy
  • Read to Self teaches me about heroes. I like to read books about our inquiry during this time
  • I think Daily 5 makes me feel like I have more knowledge and power
  • It helps me make my brain stronger when I Read to Self
  • Helps me start my day. Sometimes when I am sad when I come to school, it makes happy because it starts my day in  a fun way
  • Daily 5 helps me to focus
  • Helps me to grow as a learner

Our classroom is often buzzing in the morning when learners settle into our Daily 5 routine.

– From Grade 2B classroom

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