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Richland Community

One aspect of Richland Academy that surprises many of our new families is how close everyone is as a community. When you arrive on our campus you can feel the mutual respect that each staff member, child, and their parents have for each other regardless of which grade they belong to or what role they have within the school.

Our commitment to inclusivity creates a safe space where everyone feels valued. We teach empathy, kindness, and open-mindedness, empowering students to appreciate diverse perspectives. Families are involved in the school in many ways. We regularly invite parents to come in and present to our students on topics they have expertise in. We also hold information sessions so that families can better understand our approach to nurturing the curiosity in our students.


Throughout the year, our calendar is full of community activities, starting with our Welcome Barbecue the day before school begins. Many of these activities are supported by our Parent Ambassadors who not only assist decision making but also planning and volunteering in these events.