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Where We Are in Place and Time

​Formative Assessment 1: Objects are made of one or more materials. 
Task: Materials Packet

Formative Assessment 2: The materials and structure of an object determine its purpose. 
Task: Toy Investigation (Research & ICT-Digital Design)

Formative Assessment 3: Humans make choices related to their use of objects and materials
Task: Mixed Media Work: Visual Arts (Currently in Progress)

Summative Assessment: Central Idea-Our access to materials determines how they are used.
Task: 3 Little Pigs Storybook ​

Depending on where we are in place and time, we may or may not have access to objects, materials and toys. Toys evolve, objects change and materials may be scarce in some parts of the world. Other factors; climate, weather, wealth, adaptations, evolution, form and function of products and population(overusing) …these are only a few factors that could impact our use of materials. 

“Materials play a role in creating everything and anything. Their properties determine what is created.” – Lucas

“Depending on what we need-we choose the materials that are soft, durable, rigid and bendable-to make certain toys. My monster truck is meant to be played with, that’s why it’s mainly made of metal. Metal is strong and somewhat undestructable.” -Tyler
-Grade 1A class (2022-2023)

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