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The grade 1 students have kicked off their engineering unit with learning about how to solve problems using the engineering design process. The Grade 1 students had a blast learning about engineering using LEGO bricks. Their task was to make a bridge across a LEGO base 
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For the past few weeks our students have been developing their media literacy skills through touch-typing practice. Using the resource, BBC Typing, our class has been focusing on utilizing every digit to maximize speed. The development of this skill is essential to our students, as the 
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Inquiring Minds brings you inside Richland Academy’s Prekindergarten classroom to discover how these young students connect with technology.  Thank you to Mrs. Abreu and Ms. Howe for sharing their insights. The PK children at Richland are deeply engaged in technology within our classroom on a 
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We’re pleased to share this post from Richland Academy’s Head of School, Mrs. Marlina Oliveira, who regularly contributes her insights, research, and experiences with Inquiring Minds. I am always amazed at how quickly the summer goes by; the heat waves (although very few, if any 
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Richland has recently developed a BYOD program, and invested in iPads for our students because we recognize that technology is a powerful learning tool.  In saying that, our approach to technology requires us to be thoughtful and purposeful – what can we learn through technology 
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Our Prek children are deeply engaged in using technology within the classroom on a weekly basis. They are learning to print their first names on the Epson Board; exploring the alphabet and sounds with the Letterland Software; developing their artistic skills with drawing; investigating the 
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