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This posting was contributed to Inquiring Minds by Mrs. Kate Daniel, Senior Kindergarten Teacher at Richland Academy. Over the past few days, many of the SK children have been drawn to experiment with the mathematical concept of balance.  They have sought out, and used a 
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The Inuit people balanced rocks to create a type of “land art” that was both beautiful and with a purpose. Over 400 years ago, the people created Inuksuks that helped them find their way; that spoke of a good resting place; that defined a place 
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Today Inquiring Minds brings you a post from Richland’s Director of Community Life, Mrs. Laura Murgatroyd, about her search for balance as we begin the new school year. For those of us that work in education, September is our new year.  It is a time for new 
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Richland has recently developed a BYOD program, and invested in iPads for our students because we recognize that technology is a powerful learning tool.  In saying that, our approach to technology requires us to be thoughtful and purposeful – what can we learn through technology 
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