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The Engineering Design Process

The grade 1 students have kicked off their engineering unit with learning about how to solve problems using the engineering design process. The Grade 1 students had a blast learning about engineering using LEGO bricks. Their task was to make a bridge across a LEGO base plate, following the steps Ask, Imagine, Plan, Create, Test, Improve, and Share.

“We added these pieces to make it stable and strong!” – Aiden

They started with questions like “How can we make it strong?” “What pieces will we need?” “How do we make sure its stable?” and got creative in imagining their bridges. With  sketched out plans, they built their bridges and faced challenges during testing. Learning that improvement is part of the process, they showed resilience and problem-solving skills, turning the makerspace into a place for teamwork and collaboration.

The students shared their creations with each other and discussed different ways they tested and improved their bridges. They are looking forward to participate in more design challenges using the the engineering design process to guide them. Way to go everyone!

“We created the super bridge to help cars move along!” – Mian

-Grade 1 class (2023-2024)

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