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“When I look at these pictures, I can see the learning.”

It was wonderful to welcome so many guests to ‘Understanding Reggio at Richland’. The presentations on the principles of the Reggio philosophy, the inspiration for Richland’s learning approach, were followed by an opportunity to visit our classrooms and engage with the learning experiences of our students.
Here is an example of the inquiry learning that transpired in our Grade 5 class that morning: Each student had a number. They had to choose 2 other numbers with which to stay equidistant. Simple enough, but as students shifted to maintain their positions, others were forced to move as well. One slight shift had an effect on the entire group. This is true of all systems. As we investigate further, we hope that systems thinking will begin to inform our understanding of many of the things we do. Directly though, students have been asked to create a device or system that lowers their personal carbon footprint. Understanding the interconnected nature of systems will be vital in this work.
We’re grateful to have opportunities to share the meaningful learning that our students engage in at Richland. Comments from our guests, including the quote within the title above, were insightful and provided valuable reflections on the success of the day.

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