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Waiting for our Baby Chicks

Richland’s Prekindergarten children are waiting very patiently for their baby chicks to hatch. They take their responsibilities very seriously and have been monitoring the temperature of the incubator as well as rotating the eggs five times a day.
The arrival of the incubator and twelve eggs last week has captivated the attention and imaginations of Richland’s youngest students.  Here are examples of how our students have used the classroom Epson board to create images of what they imagine the chicks will look like.  Notice the nest, food and water that has been included in one of the drawings – such thoughtful caregivers!

Here are some of their thoughts as they wait for the chicks to arrive:

“Incubators make them comfy.”

“We are waiting for them to come.”

“When the chicks crack out of the eggs, they will wobble.”
The rest of Richland is sharing in the excitement and anticipation of the chicks’ arrival. Look for more postings on the Prekindergarten’s Baby Chick Investigation – they are due to arrive on February 9th!

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  • “The baby chicks are warm in the incubator.” (Juliana, Prek)
    “Soon they will hatch and crack open.” (Tate, Prek)
    “The baby chicks are going to drink water. When they crack out, they will not be fluffy.” (Leo, Prek)
    “We have to be quiet because the baby chicks are sleeping.” (Maya, Prek)
    “I am going to name my baby chick, Donald Duck,” (Juliana, Prek)

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