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Experiencing Ability with Grades 4-6

Through the Physical Education program, Richland’s students in grades 4-6 have been experiencing sports and challenging themselves through Paralympic and adapted sports. The students have been playing Goal Ball, a game for the visually impaired that has a bell within the ball. They have also been playing sledge hockey, which is an adapted floor hockey game played on scooters and relying on upper body strength. One other game they have been playing is basketball wearing eyepatches, which challenges their balance and coordination.
The purpose of these experiences is to appreciate the importance of sport in everyone’s lives and to recognize ability rather than disability. It is amazing what the human spirit can overcome! To further their appreciation our students in grades 4-6 will be visiting Variety Village, an integrated sports facility in Toronto. They will play games such as wheelchair basketball, adapted hockey, and adapted curling.
Keep following Inquiring Minds for our follow-up post which will share some our students’ perspectives on their experiences with inclusive sports.

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