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A Human Experience

This past week we have been navigating the human body by taking an in depth look at some of its most integral systems. We have inquired into the respiratory system and the circulatory system thus far, but are extremely motivated and curious to learn more! As an initial knowledge exercise I thought it would be fun to get the students up and out of their chairs for a labeling activity. So I though to myself, how are you suppose to do this online? What follows was a direct result of this internal conversation. I said….I got it! What better way to learn about the human body than to use your own as a canvas for learning. 

I had challenged the students to take a picture of themselves with sticky note labels of body parts in places where they thought they belonged. This whole experience was amazing!

Students got to showcase their knowledge all the while having fun. Overall this activity brought everything from learning to laughter, adding an extra layer of understanding what it means to be human.

-From the Grade 5 classroom

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