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Through the Eyes of a Parent: Prek Baby Chicks Investigation, Part I

Inquiring Minds is delighted to welcome a guest blogger, one of our parents, for today’s post. We are grateful for the engagement of our families at Richland, and enjoy watching the learning unfold throughout the family. Our thanks to Mrs. J for sharing her personal reflections with us. Enjoy! The Prek investigation with the baby chicks was both exciting and fascinating for Tate, his older sister in Grade 1 and myself. Right from the beginning when the baby chick eggs were delivered to the classroom up until the very end when the 2 baby chicks were lent to the classroom for the children to observe and enjoy, it was one of the best learning experiences that I have been able to witness as a parent.

Tate would come home every day sharing something that he learned about baby chicks such as “did you know that baby chicks can be brown?” and “when they first hatch, they are not fluffy right away”. I was able to witness firsthand the learning as he came home to educate his older sister and myself.  I would often ask them about the eggs during the incubation period and it would open the door to many interesting discussions. It was also a great lesson in patience as he was well aware that he needed to wait 21 days before the eggs would hatch.

Tate was also very enthusiastic and proud of the habitat that he built for the baby chicks to play in, once they hatched. He couldn’t wait for them to enjoy his labour of love.