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Ice and Imagination: A JK Exploration

On a cold winter’s day, most of us would rather be cozy and warm inside; but Richland’s JK children can’t wait to head outdoors. They are scientists searching for answers to their theories amidst the ice and snow. They are testing their ideas, collecting samples, and engaging in every way possible with the scientific and mathematical concepts of liquids, solids, and volume through their ice and snow investigation.
They are not leaving their explorations there though. Ice and snow has found a way into the blocks in the classroom, as seen by the snowflakes created in this photograph; as well as the art on the walls, and the stories they tell. The blocks are becoming ice, and the ice is becoming transformed to blocks. Such a wonderful example of learning and engaging with our natural world. Making sense of what is seen, and creating meaningful connections with that understanding.
Please continue to follow our blog, Inquiring Minds, for more posts on the ice and snow journey our JK children have embarked on. Next week we will share a video of one of our JK children explaining his ice sculpture, and the inspiration behind it. Utterly captivating.


  • Did you know that the Inuit have 52 words to express and use when dialoguing about SNOW? Did you know that all snowflakes begin the same and what happens next depends on the differing influences such as temperature, wind, etc.?

    Each little beauty begins as a simple crystal and then becomes a most distinctive and magical snowflake….JK continue to explore this world, as we are driven to explore and investigate further with intention and wonder….Follow our journey with us! 🙂

  • They are truly captivated by this study! We’re enjoying watching the learning unfold for the JK children.

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