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Designing a Butterfly Garden

Recently, some of our SK students, Jerry, Caden and Rafael, began to create a butterfly garden using recycled materials, rocks, glass pebbles, and artificial flowers.  Very early on in this process they retrieved the models of a butterfly, caterpillar, chrysalis and egg, and used these to begin to create an imaginary story.  Already on the light table was an iron butterfly creation.

A butterfly story emerges…

  • “There’s two butterflies. They are daddy butterflies.” (Rafael)
  • “No. One is the Mommy. The Mommy butterfly came back to see her son.” (Caden)
  • “OK.  Mine is really a birdie in a butterfly costume.” (Rafael)

Grade 4 Students Present “Cana-Con”

On November 3rd, our Grade 4 students opened the door to the gymnasium to show their honoured guests what they had been working on in Investigative Research. The students proudly displayed their research findings and technological skills in their Canada Convention (Cana-Con). The students spent the past month enthralled in these endeavours and will be wrapping up this specific aspect of their study of Canada.

Students, staff and parents were thrilled to have had the opportunity to explore the different aspects of the country we call home.

Investigating Leaves in JK

The JK children’s interest in fall leaves has escalated. During their first Investigative Research session with the SK children, they went searching for colourful and different fall leaves.

Their first task was to really look carefully at the leaves: colour, shape, and type. They then had to choose a ‘favourite’ one that they wanted to sketch in pencil first, and then use their ‘real colours’ to make the leaves ‘look like real ones!’