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Grade 4 Students Present “Cana-Con”

On November 3rd, our Grade 4 students opened the door to the gymnasium to show their honoured guests what they had been working on in Investigative Research. The students proudly displayed their research findings and technological skills in their Canada Convention (Cana-Con). The students spent the past month enthralled in these endeavours and will be wrapping up this specific aspect of their study of Canada.

Students, staff and parents were thrilled to have had the opportunity to explore the different aspects of the country we call home.

Some comments included:

Head of School, Mrs. Oliveira: “I learned some new things about our wonderful country and posed some questions too. I was most impressed with the variety of tools/resources used by the students to present their work.  I was moved by the power of community- how we all came together to learn from each other and to support one another. What a great feeling- thank you for that!”

JK Teacher, Mrs. Black: “It was a very exciting time for the children sharing and for the JK boys and girls that thought that ‘the Grade 4 were …brave!’ and that ‘It was most beautiful!’ We enjoyed learning with the Grade 4’s and you engaged the 4 year olds with confidence, information at their level and for their age group and… much caring. We appreciated all of your thoughtful and detailed posters, informative Powerpoints and your words about our Canadian lands and areas….all delivered with a smile!”

PK Teacher, Mrs. Almeida: “Congratulations to Mrs. Pamenter and the Grade 4’s! I definitely learned a lot and was very impressed by both the students’ depth of knowledge and the varied and imaginative ways in which they presented what they know. Way to go!”

Grade 1 Teacher, Mrs. Brown: “The Grade 1’s really enjoyed the experience.  They took down interesting information and then, when we discussed what they saw, they all had areas of interest on “Canadian” topics they want to pursue [in their own class projects]. They also were thrilled that they could add comments and questions to your feedback sheets.”

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