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Today’s Inquiring Minds post comes from Mrs. Jane Black, Richland Academy’s Junior Kindergarten teacher.  Mrs. Black has captured the exuberance of the children as they explored outdoors. The children were ever so thankful for the ‘warmer’ temperatures and the bright sunshine that greeted them today 
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Richland’s SK children were fascinated by the discovery of ice and frozen snow pieces in the kindergarten playground.They began to collect different shaped snow blocks and pile them up in one area.  “We’re making a home so the animals can hibernate”, they shared.Other children immediately 
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Today we are excited to share a post from Richland’s Head of School, Mrs. Oliveira, who recently accompanied our Junior Kindergarten class on their journey with coloured ice sculptures. Enjoy! Prior to my visit to the JK classroom this blustery February afternoon, the children had 
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In a previous post, we shared the inquiry project currently unfolding in the Junior Kindergarten classroom. The children continue to be captivated and curious with the ice and snow they are studying. Here is a fascinating interview with one of our JK students, Sebastian. In 
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On a cold winter’s day, most of us would rather be cozy and warm inside; but Richland’s JK children can’t wait to head outdoors. They are scientists searching for answers to their theories amidst the ice and snow. They are testing their ideas, collecting samples, 
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