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Today’s post comes from Ms. Pearson and the Grade 5 students, who have been exploring geometry.  Future architects in the making! Using their knowledge of prisms, pyramids and polygons, the Grade fives were challenged to create a bridge using only toothpicks and plasticine.The bridges had 
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Thank you to Richland Academy’s Inquiry Animator and Grade 4 and 5 Math Teacher, Ms. Megan Pearson, for sharing her insights and the inspired math work of her students with Inquiry Minds.  We welcome your feedback! “’Innovation must be part and parcel of the ordinary, 
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What if you were told that for one hour a month, you could use your time to develop or research a project of your choosing?  That’s 10 hours of uninterrupted time to focus on something that really interests YOU! What would you do with that 
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Experiential education at Camp Couchiching enables our students from Grades 4 – 6 to feel more confident about taking the lead at school, in the community, and out in the world. Whether on a nature hike, or on one of our many field studies over 
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Inquiring Minds is delighted to share this wonderful story from one of our families of how they came to rescue a family of ducks – and the learning that unfolded.  We hope you enjoy it as much as we did! Last year we noticed ducks 
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Inquiring Minds is delighted to share the following reflection from one of Richland’s Grade 5 students, M.C.  His Silver Birch Book Club composition is highly insightful, creative, and moving.  We couldn’t possibly be the only ones to read it – and hope you will be 
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Richland students in grades 4-6 are at it again, and have taken control of Inquiring Minds. You may recall from a previous post that our students have been reading Silver Birch nominated books, and that they are meeting in small groups to share and discuss 
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Today, Inquiring Minds has been taken over by Richland’s students in Grades 4-6! We welcome these young bloggers to share their insights and opinions of the books they’ve studied, as part of the Silver Birch collection. This is the first installment of a series. We 
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In an earlier post, Inquiring Minds shared the passionate conversation taking place with Richland’s Grade 5 students about societal norms, and how ‘normal’ is understood and defined. The example cited from the Oxford Dictionary caused much controversy among the students, even moving some to tears. 
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