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Experiential Education at Camp Cooch

“Tell me and I will forget. Show me and I may remember. Involve me and I will understand.”  – Chinese Proverb

Experiential education at Camp Couchiching enables our students from Grades 4 – 6 to feel more confident about taking the lead at school, in the community, and out in the world.

Whether on a nature hike, or on one of our many field studies over the course of the year, students are encouraged to learn from their natural world. Driven by the spirit of experience and camaraderie, Camp Couchiching has been one of our outdoor classrooms for more than four years!  Situated on picturesque Lake Couchiching in Orillia, not only is it the perfect getaway, but it has served as the perfect place to get outside and to get to know and build meaningful relationships with our peers. This year, we couldn’t have asked for better weather, and over the course of 3 gorgeous days, students participated in several activities that tested and developed their leadership, teamwork and outdoor skills.  From high ropes to geo-caching, students were asked to challenge themselves and each other to reach new heights both personally and as a part of a team!  Students reflect on the awesome time they had…“My favourite moment at camp was at high ropes because we all worked together as a team and helped each other to get up to the top. It was also fun to be high off the ground.” – J.B.“My favourite memory of Camp Couchiching was the campfires (We LOVE Campfires!) I liked it because we all got to sing some songs and some funny jokes!” – T.S.

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