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4-6 Book Club: Freedom, Hope, and Survival

Today, Inquiring Minds has been taken over by Richland’s students in Grades 4-6! We welcome these young bloggers to share their insights and opinions of the books they’ve studied, as part of the Silver Birch collection. This is the first installment of a series. We welcome your feedback for these writers, as they reflect on their literary experiences and write for an authentic audience through Richland’s blog.

Imagine you weren’t free. For some people this is a reality. Our Silver Birch Book Club had a great discussion about freedom, hope, and survival. We made amazing quotes and connections. These are some of them:“Life and death are two places too close together.” -N.M.
“Send animals back to the wild so they can be free.” -T.F.
“Animals breathe the same air as we do, so we shouldn’t kill them.” -J.A.
“Hope is the key to survival.” -K.L.
“Hope guides you through your challenges.” -K.L.
“If we didn’t have hope we wouldn’t survive.” -N.M.
“Hope comes in many shapes and sizes.” -N.M.

“Freedom is a right, but is not always respected.” -K.L.

In the end, this quote summed up our learning perfectly.


  • I’m so proud of my group and all their hard work! We had a very powerful and meaningful discussion!

  • I really love this blog post with Silver Birch.

  • I had a great experience with my group for the Silver Birch Book Club. I think my group has contributed and participated in AMAZING conversations!

  • Christopher B.

    Awesome! I can tell the conversations they are having are wonderful..

  • Helena K.

    The book clubs were really fun! I really wanted to know what went on in my other classmates book clubs. They really made connections to all their books and dug deep into the meaning of hope, freedom and survival.

  • I think this is very interesting and I was interested to see what my other classmates said.

  • I thought it was really fun and I learned a lot about other peoples thoughts. Now I really want to read more and more books…

  • Mrs. Oliveira

    Thank you to the Grade 5 and 6’s for taking the time to express your ideas and thoughts about your experiences with the Forest of Reading program. Your feedback guides us in our decision making and selecting of programs that will deepen your thinking, inspire your creativity, and strengthen your desire to learn. Your words are powerful and profound and in turn inspire, invigorate and excite me to continue to do what I do. I have great faith and confidence that you will all be the great leaders our world needs.

    Mrs. M. Oliveira

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