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Geometry in Grade 5: Will It Hold? ~ Bridge Challenge

Today’s post comes from Ms. Pearson and the Grade 5 students, who have been exploring geometry.  Future architects in the making!

Using their knowledge of prisms, pyramids and polygons, the Grade fives were challenged to create a bridge using only toothpicks and plasticine.The bridges had to:

  • Span 10 cm
  • Support a load
  • Stand up by itself
  • Use at least one each of a prism, pyramids, trapezoid, and rhombus
  • Label one of each kind of shape used

The bridges were so successful, withstanding everything we’ve tested them with so far, that we need to continue testing them. Check out the stop motion video of J.B.’s and J.A.’s building processes!

[iframe src=”″ width=”100%” height=”300″]

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