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University of Waterloo Computing Challenge

This was the first year that Richland Academy participated in the University of Waterloo’s Beaver Computing Challenge. Richland had 16 students from Grades 5 & 6 participate and all were able to complete the challenge within the 1-hour time limit. A big congratulations go out to Justin and Hugo, both getting perfect scores of 60. All our students did well and it truly was a great first experience for all.

The contest, run by the University of Waterloo, is designed by the Center for Education in Mathematics and Computing. The main aim of the contest is to promote an interest in programming and problem-solving. The questions in the challenge promote algorithmic thinking, data analysis, logical sequencing, and problem-solving.

Our students were committed to their preparation. They explored questions from past contests through the “Problem of the Week” routine consistently during the weeks leading up to the contest. As questions were based on mathematical concepts that all our students were familiar with, their focus was to strengthen algorithmic thinking and sequencing.

The students participating met the Friday before the contest to discuss what they needed to bring (laptop with charger, paper, pencils, water bottle, etc.), the time, and the location of the contest. And on D-Day, it was amazing to see the students walk into the Grade 5 classroom at 8:55 am, armed with all they need.

The students did some calming breathing exercises, as it was the first time that these students were participating in a timed, online math contest. And then, they were off!

Congratulations to all our students who participated and a big shout out to Justin and Hugo, both getting perfect scores!
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