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Designing a Butterfly Garden

Recently, some of our SK students, Jerry, Caden and Rafael, began to create a butterfly garden using recycled materials, rocks, glass pebbles, and artificial flowers.  Very early on in this process they retrieved the models of a butterfly, caterpillar, chrysalis and egg, and used these to begin to create an imaginary story.  Already on the light table was an iron butterfly creation.

A butterfly story emerges…

  • “There’s two butterflies. They are daddy butterflies.” (Rafael)
  • “No. One is the Mommy. The Mommy butterfly came back to see her son.” (Caden)
  • “OK.  Mine is really a birdie in a butterfly costume.” (Rafael)

Happy Teacher Appreciation Day!

In celebration of Teacher Appreciation Day, Richland Teachers were honoured with a special video presentation, in which students expressed gratitude to their inspiring and dedicated teachers. Learning and teaching should not stand on...