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What does learning look like?

In grade 2, our learning day takes us through various learning tasks connected to our curriculum. At times students complete work independently, but more often you will see them working in pairs or small groups, taking ownership of their learning and just as important, learning from each other. From our engaging First 20 Days of Math program with open-ended tasks, to our inquiry based whole class discussions, students are thinking, growing their brains, challenging themselves and developing key Approaches to Learning to Skills. 

Perhaps the most exciting learning event of the week, as chosen by the class, was the meet and greet session with our Grade 6 learning buddies. Within the span of one 40 minute block, learning buddies flourished into exciting moments of pure joy, care and mutual respect. As we haven’t had learning buddies since early 2020, the authentic learning that unfolds and grows is hard to replicate. We look forward to a year of amazing learning experiences with the Grade 6 class.

“I am so excited to have the same learning buddy that I had in JK!”- Ariana
“I didn’t get to see my cousin a lot during covid. I’m so happy he’s my learning buddy.”- Kayden
“I have two learning buddies and they are the best. I won all the math games we played. I want to have learning buddies everyday.” – Spencer

Perhaps you can ask your child how they prefer to learn? Do they like quiet and calm spaces, working with a partner, or learning altogether as a class? Share ideas on the way that you like to learn by leaving a comment below. 

-Grade 2 class (2022-2023)

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