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Variety Village is not just a place for people with special needs. It is for everybody!

You may remember recently we shared highlights from an excursion Richland students in Grades 4-6 recently went on to Variety Village. One of our Grade 4 students, Howard, wrote such an insightful reflection on his experience that we just had to share it with you. Here it is:

Variety Village was very fun! It is one of my best experiences, even though there were a lot of people there that needed special care, I learned a lot of stuff there that I never knew. My favourite activity was when we played wheelchair basketball with Kevin, Alex and Mitch. They all had their weak spots:

Kevin’s weak spot is that the left part of his brain does not work so well.
Alex’s weak spot is his left leg is different from his right.
Mitch’s weak spot is that he was born with cancer on his leg and he has to have surgery now on his right leg.They taught us how to play wheelchair basketball. There were also other activities we did, like rock-climbing. We also played something like hockey and something like dodge ball. What I really liked was that Bobby said, “Don’t be sorry for people who have special needs because this is how their life goes.” I think he is right.We all have a right to play and that is what Variety Village is all about!


  • Duncan S.

    Variety Village was very fun. It was a great learning experience and we got to know what it is like to be disabled.

  • Christopher B.

    Variety village was a great experience for me and my friends. My favourite part was the wheelchair basketball and believe it or not Alex, Kevin, and Mitch are NJWB which is National Junior Wheelchair Basketball players so it is really awesome. Great place, great experience, want to go there again.

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