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This week, we celebrated ‘Arts Week’ at Richland, where student-created works were displayed throughout the school, and students performed Broadway Classics at our annual Spring Concert. Read more about Education in the Arts at Richland.
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In collaboration with the Atelierista in Studio, our SK students explored using 2D shapes to create 3D images. 2D shapes such as ovals and rectangles were used to create identity panels. “Making connections between mathematics and other curriculum areas is important in the early grades 
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Our Grade 2 students have been working on self-portraits in the style of Vincent Van Gogh this term in Studio class. Throughout his life, Van Gogh wrote many letters to his brother, Theo, detailing his art work.  The Grade 2 students decided they would also 
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Imagine an art room, filled with materials and tools.  An orderly ‘disorder’…there are just so many units and objects defining line, shape, color, form, motion, texture, pattern, direction, orientation, scale, angle, space and proportion! Now imagine the room filled with young learners, 3 years of 
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At Richland Academy, the arts are regarded as an instrument of expression and considered an important component of the ‘Hundred Languages of Children.’ Students engage in active learning programs that instil confidence in them, allow them to express themselves and take risks, learn collaboration and 
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