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Understanding our Bodies through Spatial Awareness

Spatial Awareness is an organized awareness of our body’s position in space.  It is a concept closely related to Kinesthetic Identification and studies suggest that there are strong links between a well-developed sense of spatial awareness and artistic creativity; as well as success in math. Spatial awareness is essential to the development of abstract thought. In Drama, our objective is to find out how Kinesthetic Identification gives us the ability to organize and classify abstract mental concepts through discovery of ourselves.

More Than Math: A Peek at Richland’s Innovative Math Program

In line with 21st century learning, Richland students are investigating problem-solving and exploring hands-on mathematics that can be applied to real life situations. Grade 4-6 Math and Science Teacher, Mrs. Pamenter, considers the interests of the students when organizing her math lessons because she appreciates math as “structured and spiralled.” Our Grade 4 students are using a problem-solving method, called Bansho, to define specific problems and build on the previous practices that they have learned. In this way they look at the past to help them ‘shape’ their future. Taking the student’s math objectives and making them practical, the Grade 4 and 5/6 classes are enjoying ‘Practical Application Mathematics’ in their exciting math projects, “Zoo Project: Measurement and Geometry in Action” and “Dramatic Mathematics: Bringing the Dramatic Flare to Mathematics,” respectively. In these projects, the students have to think about why they are doing what they do, making it vastly different than textbook math.