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On June 7th, Richland Academy students showcased their talents in a collaborative presentation of song and movement, under the direction of Performing Arts Teacher, Ms. Morgan. Confident students performed a wonderful collection of Broadway Classics, including Goldie and the 3 Bears, Clowns, Once Upon a 
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On December 15th, Richland Academy students showcased their talents in their annual Holiday Concert, a collective creation expressed through poetry, drama and song. From the applause, to the smiles, to the most memorable comments from parents, it was a resounding success! Each grade performed a 
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At Richland Academy, the arts are regarded as an instrument of expression and considered an important component of the ‘Hundred Languages of Children.’ Students engage in active learning programs that instil confidence in them, allow them to express themselves and take risks, learn collaboration and 
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Spatial Awareness is an organized awareness of our body’s position in space.  It is a concept closely related to Kinesthetic Identification and studies suggest that there are strong links between a well-developed sense of spatial awareness and artistic creativity; as well as success in math. 
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In line with 21st century learning, Richland students are investigating problem-solving and exploring hands-on mathematics that can be applied to real life situations. Grade 4-6 Math and Science Teacher, Mrs. Pamenter, considers the interests of the students when organizing her math lessons because she appreciates 
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