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Understanding our Bodies through Spatial Awareness

Spatial Awareness is an organized awareness of our body’s position in space.  It is a concept closely related to Kinesthetic Identification and studies suggest that there are strong links between a well-developed sense of spatial awareness and artistic creativity; as well as success in math. Spatial awareness is essential to the development of abstract thought. In Drama, our objective is to find out how Kinesthetic Identification gives us the ability to organize and classify abstract mental concepts through discovery of ourselves.

How does Spatial Awareness help us?

Spatial awareness helps us distinguish between words in this page and see the letters in correct relation to each other. There are direct correlations between spatial awareness performance in sport and games. Spatial awareness requires integrating information from different senses into the vestibular system which help to refine certain aspects of brain processing.

Why is this concept important in Drama?

Spatial awareness is a well thought-out awareness of things in the space around us, including the awareness of our body’s position in space. Spatial awareness is a basic concept that helps us solve the most complex of problems. Without spatial awareness, we would not be able to open a door or have a bottle of water or remember a line in a drama scene.

Ontario Curriculum Connections

Objectives from the curriculum include applying the creative process to communicate feelings and stories. Students are given an opportunity to explore their minds and the world around them through sensory activities, pantomimes, etc.

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