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Stop Motion Animation Fun with the Grade 5s

Last week, our grade 5 classes took on the cool world of stop motion animation, and let me tell you – it’s way trickier than it looks! We learned that making those tiny movements you see in movies takes tons of patience and careful planning. It’s like creating a story one frame at a time.

We explored different types of stop motion, like classic stop frame-by-frame and traditional animation where each frame is drawn by hand, discovering how each has its own vibe. The hard part? Nailing down the timing and making everything flow smoothly. They also explore creating their own soundbytes and voiceovers to make their animation even more fun and engaging! Take a look at Alice in Grade 5b, who created a traditional stop motion animation video using the app Flipaclip. She is very proud of how smooth her animation is and how she created her own soundbytes!  Way to go Alice!

Then, they got hands-on with animation apps, using tablets to make their own animations about anything they wanted. This was like a warm-up for their big project coming soon. They’re all buzzing with excitement to see what stories they can bring to life with their newfound stop motion skills. Stay tuned for more animation adventures from grade 5A/B!

– ICT & Design (2023-2024)

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