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Why Do We Wear Pink?

Pink Shirt Day originated in 2007 when two students took a stand against bullying by wearing pink shirts after a boy was laughed at for wearing pink to school. 
It has since become an annual event, promoting anti-bullying awareness and encouraging kindness. The day symbolizes solidarity and aims to combat bullying in schools and communities.

Standing up against bullying, promoting kindness, and creating a culture of inclusion is essential for our children. It will encourage people to unite in the effort to prevent and address bullying in schools when we wear pink and have conversations together.
The goal is to foster a supportive environment where everyone feels safe and respected, regardless of “what they look like on the outside.” -Aiden

“Being kind to others, is easy. Just smile at someone, you never know, that could change their whole day.”

– Grade 1 class (2023-2024)

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