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Spreading Love and Learning on the 100th Day of School

In the Junior Kindergarten classroom, love was in the air as students commemorated the 100th day of school with boundless enthusiasm! Engaging in a delightful activity, they honed their fine motor skills by meticulously stringing colourful beads of their choice, some even creating captivating patterns. With gentle guidance, each student transformed their bead strings into exquisite heart shapes, each one a testament to their creativity and individuality, sparking pride among both students and teachers alike.


“I like the shinny ones”-Lily

“Mine is taller than Emmy’s”- Hank

“My heart is beautiful” – Emmanuel

“My favourite colour is blue”– Aria

Adding to the festive atmosphere, students brought in collections of 100 items, contributing to a collaborative masterpiece—a dazzling mandala. Inspired by their collective vision, the class decided to shape the mandala into a heart, infusing it with symbolism and significance. With meticulous attention to detail, students adorned the mandala with intricate patterns, weaving together a tapestry of unity and creativity.

The 100th day of school was brimming with excitement, featuring an array of engaging activities including lively minute-to-win-it games, whimsical crown decorating, and a spirited 100 exercise challenge. Undaunted by the task, students tackled each challenge with gusto, demonstrating their resilience and teamwork as they completed the exercises with lightning speed.

This was such a memorable milestone—a day filled with love, laughter, and boundless learning in the heart of our Junior Kindergarten classroom!

– Junior Kindergarten class (2023-2024)

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