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Shakespearean Sleepovers in SK

A few weeks ago, a special visitor entered the Senior Kindergarten classroom and we asked him to stay.  That visitor is William Shakespeare!  For months, the Senior Kindergarten children have been enthralled with the life and stories of Shakespeare.  While outdoors they called for him to come back, during class literacy experiences they have written letters with quills to Shakespeare and at the light table they have written their own Shakespearean plays.  The excitement to have their calls answered was delightful to witness.Now they have requested to have sleepovers with our new classmate.  In these pictures one child is enjoying an evening with Shakespeare.  They watch television together, they eat together, Shakespeare practices his jumps as he sky dives from the table and they sleep together. Some may think that children of this age would not be able to relate to the works of Shakespeare, but this reminds me of the words I once heard from an author, “I write for smart people. I write for children.”  Never assume the potential for understanding and wonder for new ideas children willingly take on. How wonderful to see children captivated by such a significant author and his tremendous work.  Children are so curious, competent, and capable; and our Reggio-inspired philosophy provides them with opportunities to explore and discover their interests in meaningful ways.

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