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We’re delighted to share the highlights from last evening’s musical performance, Summer Camp, at Richland.
The musical collection brought forward all of the associations one draws from Summer Camp:  A strong sense of community, a warm, joyful and accepting environment, skill building, the testing of personal boundaries, while at the same time shaping lifelong friendships.
These passionate words from Richard Louv’s book ‘Last Child in the Woods’ resonate with us.

“Prize the natural spaces because one they’re gone, with rare exceptions they’re gone forever.  In our bones we need the natural curves of hills, the scent of chaparral, the whisper of pines, and the possibility of wildness.  We require these patches of nature for our mental health and our spiritual resilience.”
“Passion is lifted from the earth itself by the messy hands of the young:  it travels along grass-stained sleeves to the heart.

“This seems clear enough:  When truly present in nature, we do use all our senses at the same time, which is the optimum state of learning.”

The talents of our students, under the guidance and musicality of Ms Pitt, have taken us on a musical journey of nostalgia and longing, to be able to take a moment to immerse ourselves in nature, in order to nurture courageous hearts and strengthen character.This evening’s performance is the finale of much practice, rehearsals, inspiration, commitment, and enthusiasm.  We wish to extend a big thank you to our families and extended school community, for their tremendous support.

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