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Learning about the Water Cycle

As part of our inquiry into Air and Water, students created water cycles in a bag. Using sharpies they showed the three main parts: Evaporation, Condensation and Precipitation. Some students extended their learning by including runoff and accumulation.
We then attached them to our windows to watch the water cycle in action!

“When the sun warms up the water in the bag, tiny droplets appear.’ -Olivia H
“I notice that the water is evaporating. There is condensation and dots of water on the bag.” -Arthur
“The amount of water in my bag has gotten smaller.” -Alyssa

This week we participated in a Community Clean Up of the Saigeon Trail. Armed with plastic gloves and bags, we took action to clean our neighbourhood.

Students in 2A are busy designing posters with a POWERFUL message to convince others to care for the environment. This is part of our inquiry, as well as our Media Literacy unit. Students will be sharing their completed posters with families during student-led conferences before putting them up around the school. 

A big THANK YOU to Nico and Hanna from Grade 5 for presenting their learning related to Water boil advisories. Through their inquiry into indigenous communities they were able to connect and pass down their research and understanding to younger students. 

– Grade 2 class (2023-2024)

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