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Grade 1’s Binary Adventure

In the grade 1 classes, they’ve been diving into the basics of coding, and it’s been quite the adventure! Recently, they tackled the concept of binary code! The language of computers is made up of just two digits, 1 and 0. It was cool to see how these simple numbers can represent letters. To understand it better, they practiced sequencing and patterning, which helped them grasp the logic behind coding.

One of the coolest parts was when they got hands-on with LEGO pieces to create their names in binary code. Using two different colours to represent 1s and 0s, they built their names block by block. It was like solving a puzzle! What’s even better is how this activity connected to the engineering design process they’ve been learning about. It showed them that coding isn’t just about computers; it’s about problem-solving and creativity, too. Plus, it was a ton of fun!

– ICT & Design (2023-2024)

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