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Grit, Gratitude, Leadership and Courage

The words showcased in the title of our very first blog of the school year fully encapsulate the qualities that our Fantastic Fives have demonstrated over the course of our first two weeks together. From day one, each student in our community enthusiastically showed up with bright smiles under their masks, ready to learn and grow (I know this because they are excellent at “smizing”, which means “smiling with your eyes”).

I am now going to let the words, images and voices of our student community take over as they communicate several profound thoughts and feelings. It has been a joy to work as a team to establish a strong community built on kindness, courage, love and mutual respect.


It really does take courage. Below are student contributions to a poem entitled “It Takes Courage” (Author Unknown) during our first ‘Poetry Friday’:

“It takes strength to say no to fear, It takes courage to lean into it.” – Emi

“It takes strength to have peace, It takes courage to say no.” – Callie

“It takes strength to fight back, It takes courage to face up.”  – Justin

“It takes strength to run, It takes courage to finish a big book.” – Nicoletta

“It takes strength to defend, It takes courage to accept defeat.” – Jaden

“It takes strength to talk It, takes courage to speak up.” – Maira

“It takes strength to help, It takes courage to say no.” –  Shahriar

“It takes strength to be perfect, It takes courage to make mistakes.” – Lewis

“It takes strength to say no, It takes courage to say it.” – Yas

“It takes strength to be brave, It takes courage to be calm.” – Akihiro

“It takes strength to keep a secret, It takes courage to let it go.” – Nathaniel

“It takes strength to have fun, It takes courage to run.” – James

“It takes strength to hold on, It takes courage to let go.” – Sophie

“It takes strength to have courage, It takes courage to have strength.” – Yasmina

“It takes strength to finish it, It takes courage to not finish it.” – Ian

“It takes strength to learn from your mistakes, It take courage to accept your mistakes.” – Elizabeth

“It takes strength to be yourself, It takes courage to love yourself fully.” – Mr. Palazzo

What comes to mind when you think of the word “Leadership”?

Our adventure has surely begun and we are off to an incredible start!

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