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Stories from the Grade 5-8

“My artwork shows the Black Lives Matter conflict. Police in America are being too overpowering and abusive to black people for no reason. Rather, they should be treated like all people should be treated, with respect.”

“When we go to the stores, we have to wear a mask and sanitize our hands. We also have to social distance from people. This makes the line-ups look really long. We also have to wait outside because only a limited number of people are allowed in. People try to stock up on certain things, such as toilet paper.”

“My artwork shows that white people have more opportunities than black people. I showed this by making two trees. One tree has a black person and the other tree has a white person.  The tree that the black person is in has two branches and is not very thick which represents that black people don’t have many choices. What they can choose is harder than what white people can choose.”

​“My artwork shows plastic pollution and how it is affecting our world. A group of people are picking up plastic from the shore, but there is a careless person throwing more plastic. It shows that there are two sides to this conflict. In my opinion, people should try their best to stop plastic pollution.”

“My artwork shows that there are lots of factories which pollute the sky. People are coughing and being affected by this. However, a lot of people don’t care about climate change. They know they are polluting , but want the money. They don’t care because it won’t affect them until the future. The next generation is the one which will have the problem.”

“My artwork shows black people protesting for freedom and getting arrested by police officers. But there is a law that says that that peaceful protesting is allowed. The police officers are not arresting the violent protestors, instead they are arresting innocent, peaceful protestors because they are black and they blame them for starting the fire.”

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