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Grade One Engineers

​The Grade One students changed their roles again over the last couple of weeks! They became ENGINEERS! Once your children joined the “Scientists in School” engineering team, they built a structure capable of transporting an animal over a dangerous body of water to safety. They used various supplies to complete this important task. They discovered the purpose of building structures. They examined the properties of a variety of materials. They also, built a framework and tested it for strength and stability.

Hand’s on learning and activating your children was the purpose and intention behind the workshop. It allowed them all to acquire the necessary knowledge to continue forward in this current unit of inquiry. During this inquiry, they have used the terminology, experiences, materials and structures to conduct the appropriate research to complete the learning.

Central Idea: 
Materials may impact human relationships
Lines of Inquiry:
Objects are made of one or more materials
The materials and structure of an object determine its purpose
Humans make choices related to their use of objects and materials

Within this workshop, they were also building upon their Social Skills and Self-Management Skills. Were they able to demonstrate positive and collaborative relationships with one another; in order to, design and implement? Were they able to organize, think deeply and demonstrate an understanding of the provoked tasks, building their self-management skills?

All of the learning that transpired this week was developed with local and global contexts in mind, focused on conceptual understandings and initiated and authenticated our future learning.

After the workshop was complete, we continued our learning in class and continued building structures. The students all LOVED this hands on experience that they got to participate in.

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