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Deepening Our Understanding of Measurement

The Grade 2 students continue to deepen our understanding of measurement by investigating the capacity and mass of a given object. We enjoyed estimating, measuring and recording capacity and mass using a variety of non-standard units. We also practised communicating our thinking orally, visually, and in writing, using mathematical vocabulary.

“It was fun trying to find how many tablespoons of sand can the plastic jar hold.” J.S.

Our investigation of measurement is also leading us to learning about the concept of ‘Time’. We have been discussing the importance of this concept and how much it relates to our daily life.

“We need to learn about time because we need to know when to do something and when to go to school.” J.L & D,X.

“We use time to organize our schedule.” T.T. & K.P.

Telling time is a very important concept that our students need to learn at an early age. When measuring Time our students are learning to quantify this concept using appropriate tools and units.

Telling time also involves many skills that are put into practice once our students start learning about clocks, hours, minutes and seconds. Such skills include a deeper understanding and recognition of timelines, calendars, and patterns in their daily behaviors. They also enhance our students’ mathematical abilities to skip count and calculate elapsed time by figuring out the difference between a beginning time and an ending time.

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