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6 Reasons Why Reggio Emilia Will Help Your Child

Have you done enough research into finding the best possible education for your child? It can be a daunting process, but just remember one size does not fit all. Canada has a great public school system and many different private school options.

The best for your child

Are you the kind of parent that wants the best for your child? Or do you fear that your child has not been unlocking all their true potential in their current educational system? 

6 benefits…

We welcome parents and their children to visit Richland Academy in Richmond Hill, Ontario and see why we produce such exemplary students. Here are 6 quick reasons why Richland Academy’s Reggio Emilia philosophy approach offers great benefits to your child:

6 reasons why richland academy reggio emilia private school in richmond hill is a benefit to your child's education

Active participants in learning

  1. It starts with each student having the right to determine their educational path. We view students as active participants in learning. We do not treat them like computers in need of knowledge uploaded through a hard drive!

Building confidence encourages creativity and a well-rounded person

2. When the curriculum is adaptive to each individual, we as co-learners can help bring out strengths in each child. This is incredibly motivating and empowering for young minds. It builds confidence, encourages creativity, and develops a well-rounded person.

Environment for success

3. Each room in Richmond hill at Richland Academy private school is purposely designed, with colours, shapes, textures, and sounds to help aid in the child’s learning. We have witnessed that the environment of the student’s learning has a huge impact on their success. Image yourself studying for a big exam in University, or trying to get work done at the office. Would you prefer a cold concrete environment with row upon row of desks, or something that looks like an office out of a Silicon Valley company? Does it not have a big impact on your potential? We think so too!

richland academy private school in richmond hill with reggio emilia and IB education

Community, teamwork, empathy

4. Our house system has been shown to create a better sense of teamwork, community, and empathy between our students. The greatest benefit of this is that over the years they practice so much kindness and empathy towards each other that it stays with them for life! We see bonds between students built in their first couple years remaining strong in their final years!

richland academy private school in richmond hill with reggio emilia and IB education

Co-learners to the students

5. As co-learners, parents, and teachers of Richland are not seen as oppressive. We are helpful, curious, and passionate learners as well, and our students respond well to this. They see us as creating a relationship where they do not have to fear to ask questions, pursuing different paths, or putting forth a new opinion.

Shaping critical minds

6. When we put all these advantages together, we believe we are shaping more critical thinkers. Students that are more likely to engage in a discourse, rather than simply memorizing and regurgitating facts. This will be immensely useful for our students when they enter their higher levels of education like high school, college, and university, where critical thought becomes increasingly more important to their success in learning.

At Richland Academy, a private school in Richmond Hill, in the greater Toronto area we love to instil that “a child doesn’t learn about colours by staying inside the lines, but by having the time and possibility to try them out…”

richland academy private school in richmond hill with reggio emilia and IB education

If you’d like to set up a call or come visit our community at the school in person in Richmond hill, Ontario, we’d love to see you. Please don’t hesitate to call us at our leading Reggio inspired IB World School in Richmond Hill, Ontario at 905-224-5600. We’ll be able to help you with more information and schedule a visit for you and your child and why our private school’s community in Richmond Hill is the best fit for your school.

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