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5 great activities that lead to a successful school year

Here are the 5 best things you can do to get your kids ready for the school year. While all kids are different, and attend different schools, this list should be a pretty effective preparation for your child’s upcoming school year, especially if they’re in a Reggio Emilia inspired program. If you’d like to know more about Reggio Emilia philosophy and how it benefits your child click here to read more.

1. The Future Belongs To The Curious!

At the end of the school year ask your child’s teacher to share what they did well and what they could improve upon. You may feel inclined to help with where they struggled, but it’s summer and that’s a time for them to be “off”. Instead of tackling what your child was struggling with, encourage the things they showed curiosity and excelled in. Remember, they showed curiosity in that subject, so providing more stimulating projects for the summer will only strengthen their pursuits. So if your child was very curious and successful in science, try taking trips to a science center, or plan for them to attend a science camp. They showed a natural interest in it, so help facilitate more learning in that area.

child with big glasses who loves science, activities that lead to a successful school year

2. Practice Makes Perfectly Prepared

Some children struggle with the anxiety of going back after what feels like a summer free from schedules, responsible, and homework. So don’t let this creep up on you and your child. A week or two before school starts try incorporating a school bedtime routine again. Throw in some structure to the days as well, like making lunchtime in the same place and at the same time. Also, give them fun homework projects that come with rewards to get their minds back in the habit of school work. Maybe create a math project where every time they answer a question correctly, you step closer and closer to the edge of the dock at the cottage, with the promise that if they get enough correctly you’ll fall in the water. It creates a sense of play while learning, and is sure to amuse them as well. This way you also don’t have to even leave the cottage.

cottage dock with lake and blue sky, play while learning games and activities

3. VCS (Visualize, Communicate, and Support)

Talk about the upcoming year at school during the summer. Maybe at dinner time a few times a week you ask your child things such as: What are your hopes/goals/fears/concerns for the school year? This visualization is very effective because not only does it get your child thinking about their year and becoming mentally prepared for it, it also gives you a chance to listen to your child and understand how to best support them this upcoming year as well. Really listen to your child, because their thoughts should be shared with the teacher at the beginning of the year. If your child is intimidated by gym class, it’s better that the teacher knows this ahead of time, so they can have a strategy to help. Maybe your child wants to get better grades in math, communicate that with the teacher, and also plan on how you’ll help in that goal. Maybe ask your child to write these all down at the end of the summer, and you can review them together throughout the school year to keep them on track.

adult writing down child's goals for the year at private school in richmond hill, ontario

4. Get A Jumpstart On The School Year!

Plan to visit your child’s school a week ahead of their first day. This helps acclimate them back into the swing of things. Also see if you can find out who your child’s teachers will be and what they’re like. This information can really help your child prepare for the upcoming school year. Children, like adults, do best when they have a good understanding of what’s expected of them.

red chairs in lunch room at reggio emilia private school in richmond hill, ontario at richland academy

5. Prepare Yourself As The Parent To Be A Co-Learner For Your Child

If your child is attending a Reggio Emilia philosophy inspired school get prepared for your role as a co-learner. Your child is going to do their best when they are on the same page as you and their teacher. By this, we mean slowing things down and seeing how you can attempt to learn alongside your child. When your child sees your interest in their school work, they become inspired to include you in their investigations. In most cases, curiosity sparks joy in learning. 

richland academy private school in richmond hill with reggio emilia and IB education

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