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Back to school fun and learning in Visual Arts

Back to school fun and learning, while developing skills in Visual Arts!

Grade 8.

Drawing contours and form contours while exploring line and enjoying nature on a beautiful September day!

Grade 7.

Converging lines in a one-point perspective of Yonge Street. ​

While we were outside sketching, the students were overjoyed by the support of passing vehicles who honked their horns. It was a constant beeping by school buses, trucks, and cars who honked and gave signs of cheer to which the students responded by waving cheerfully. The above photo shows a quiet moment at the beginning of our study.

​In our classroom discussion, we created a collaborative list describing the benefits of engaging in the visual arts.

​Some of those benefits include: “we improve our confidence and concentration; we develop our observation skills, creative skills, communication skills, social skills, collaborative skills and research skills; and, we learn to be more open-minded and to be risk-takers.”

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