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What can we learn mathematically or otherwise about a pumpkin?

The Junior Kindergarten Class welcomed Arabella’s Mommy and Daddy,  Sebastian’s Mommy, Ms. Haldenby and Mrs. Oliveira in to assist their work and research. This question was posed to the children: “What can we learn mathematically or otherwise about a pumpkin?”

“We could carve it”, “We could count our pumpkins”, “We could cut the pumpkins and look and count the seeds” and “We could look at our pumpkins and see how they are the same and different”. From these interests the teachers devised a plan to further the students’ investigations.

The conversation brought about a flurry of explorations in JK. They inspected and recorded about their pumpkins; they ordered their pumpkins in different ways; they sketched; they measured the ‘circumference’ of their pumpkins; they weighed; photographed and recorded and dialogued about their findings and theories….and that’s just a beginning, as their pumpkins have given them much to think about!

Thanks to all of the engaged parents who visited the JK classroom as well as Richland teachers and Head of School, for diving in head first and making this ‘progettzione’ come alive.


  • “Our JK friends had giant pumpkins.” (Tate, Prek)

  • “We were getting the seeds out.” (Jalen, JK)
    “We were drawing pictures of pumpkins.” (Madalin, JK)
    “We measured our pumpkins.” (Devin, JK)
    “Mrs. Black cut the pumpkin around,” (Ranvir, JK)

  • I very much enjoyed the mathematical experiences with you, JK…as did Arabella’s Mommy and Daddy, Ms Sherry, Mrs. Haldenby, Sebastian’s Mommy and Mrs. Oliveira.

    Mrs. Oliveira and Mrs. Black will be making the JK learning and thinking visible: Look for a NEW documentation panel piece soon…:)

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