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“Cows eat apples and it makes their tongue red.”

The PK Class Apple Investigations began with a provocation from one of the children during snack time.  An observation was made by a student that, ‘her apple was red and her friend’s apple was green.’ She wondered, “Why are they different?”

Thoughts were shared about their knowledge of apples.

“When you make apple sauce you have to smush it.”
“Apples grow from the earth.”
“Seeds help apples grow.”
“It takes a long time for an apple to grow.”

“We wonder…”

“Are there blue apples?”
“Do all farmers grow apples?”
“Do all animals eat apples?”

Colour seemed to be of interest to the children, and they were asked to bring in an apple from home to investigate and observe any differences.  Follow Richland’s blog, Inquiring Minds, to learn about our PK students’ fascinating theories about apples and how they investigated them.

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  • “We love ourselves.” (Juliana, Prek)
    “I love apples.” (Tate, Prek)
    “Apples are yummy to eat.” (Leo, Prek)
    “We are always excited to see ourselves on the blog. We hope you are enjoying learning about our investigations and journeys in Prek thus far. Stay tunned, much more to come.” (Mrs. Abreu, Prek Teacher.)

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