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Understanding Friendship

We are each of us angels with only one wing, and we can fly only by embracing each other. – Lucian de Crescenzo (Italian poet and writer)

The Prekindergarten students have been working on building friendship through sharing, building and collaborating. These opportunities for learning meet the curricular expectations outlined in the ELECT document (Early Learning for Every Child Today) under the areas of Social Interest, Making Friends, and Identity Formation.

Here are some of their thoughts as they wonder about friendship…

“Do all my friends cry?”  (Maya)

“Do my friends have a sister too? (Isabelle)

“Do my friends hug and kiss?” (Leo)

“Do all my friends read a bedtime story?” (Tate)

“Do all my friends go in Kiss and Ride?” (Juliana)

1 Comment:

  • “We see our friends.” (Leo, Prek)
    “This is so fun.” (Maya, Prek)
    “Look, our school.” (Luke, Prek)
    “My Mommy, Daddy, Nonna and Nonno can me see on the screen.” (Juliana, Prek)
    “A great surprise to see us on the blog. We will be visiting again soon to see what else we discover on the blog!” (Mrs. Abreu)

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